Texas Guide School is here to train and prepare you for a career as a professional hunting guide. This program is a result of 15 years of experience in the outfitters business. It is designed to give you essential information and hands on training to hone your skills. With a strong emphasis on in the field experience and a combination of class room study you will leave this program ready to guide.

This is a great course for aspiring hunting guides as well as anyone who just wants to improve their hunting abilities.

Why I started a guide school

My name is Clay Pope, owner of Pope Brothers Guide Service and Outfitting, Circle C Charters, A2Z Taxidermy and Texas Guide School. I started this school because in my 15 years of outfitting, my new guides did not have any real working experience. Now you may ask, “How can a new guide have working experience if it is their first job?” Well at Texas Guide School it is our goal to give you that experience in a supervised setting. We place a strong emphasis on getting your hand dirty. You will work in the field as guides while being supervised by an instructor. You will preform all the duties of a guide and practice hunting safety. Check our curriculum for a complete list of topics we will cover.

Not everything can be coved in our outdoor experience and the weather is not alway sutible. For these subjects and situations we will have class room study. This will give us a chance to break down each topic and cover them in detail.




Guide & Hunter


Setting up feeders and stands






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