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Clay Pope, Owner/Instructor

Hunting and fishing have always been a big part of my life. As a young man I predator hunted all over Texas with my brothers. Then over fifteen years ago I started guiding predator hunts in my spare time. Shortly after this I began managing cattle and hunting ranches which gave me the opportunity to expand my landowner base and hunting business. It was at this time I found my calling in life as a professional hunting guide. Since then my wife, Holly, and I have built Pope Brothers Guide Service and Outfitting (PBGSO) into a successful company, offering hunts in several states as well as internationally. I have my Coast Guard License and own Circle C Charters to offer saltwater fishing trips. In addition we launched A2Z Taxidermy to provide our hunting clients the best possible preservation of their trophies. PBGSO supports several full and part-time hunting guides, and in my experience graduates of other guide schools have come to me lacking some very important hands on skills. It is my goal with Texas Guide School to produce hunting guides ready to confidently go straight into the field.

Holly Pope, Owner/ Instructor

Born and raised in the Texas Hill Country on a 400 acre turkey farm, my first recollection of hunting was varmint control with my Father.  Through high school, besides helping on the family farm, I worked for a butcher and then a catering service.  These jobs enhanced my knowledge of proper butchering skills as well as food preparation on a large scale. Shortly after graduating high school Clay and I where married and I entered the medical field.  For 10 years I worked as a certified medical offfice manager as well as being cross trained in nursing.  Through those 10 years I helped Clay build our Pope Brothers Guide Service and Outfitting, until it reached a point where I could join the business full time.  Currently, I enjoy hosting our hunting guests, and preparing them home cooked meals during their stay.  I help with guiding, tracking, and game care when the situation dictates.  Also since joining Clay full time we have added Circle C Fishing Charters as well as a full service AIIZ Taxidermy.  Clay and I have two lovely daughters who are also budding huntresses and excellent with a rod and reel.  I look forward to helping you on your adventure, expanding your knowledge of the outdoors. 



Teresa Pope, Assistant

At an early age, I learned the values of being raised in a family where wildlife and agriculture played a huge part in our  way of life.  I am the fourth generation of a family who raise and harvest our own livestock, wild game, grain, and hay.  Along with learning the necessary ways for working with ranching, it was also essential to learn how to cook the harvest, and in my family that meant cooking for a crowd.   Besides the family farm, I enjoy working in public relations, and providing great customer service.  For seven years I worked for as an escrow officer, and title examiner.   Providing quality service and earning respect through my hard work, taught me how to gain customer loyalty.  My husband, Marcus, and I share enthusiasm for all things hunting and ranching, and want to share this with our four children. Which is why, in 2012, we made the decision to move our family to be closer to the company. Where we have helped growing Pope Brother’s Guide Service & Outfitting, and A2Z Taxidermy.   Currently I am secretary for A2Z Taxidermy, and assist whenever needed.  I am excited to share with everyone what this experience can offer to, and look forward to working with each of you.



Josh Johnson, Instructor

Josh, Instructor: I am a professional hunting guide and have been workin for Pope Brothers Guide Service and Outfitting for the past five years. I have been hunting for over fifteen years. My life long passion for hunting continued through college where I received an associates degree in wildlife management. I then went on to become certified in CPR, handling food, and TGR scoring. My preferred game to hunt is whitetail but I hunt a larger variety of game.



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